Tools in Store

Here is a collection of tools that I have on hand for you

Allen Key Ring Set 2-6mm.jpg

Allen Key Set 2-10mm.jpg

Allen Key Set 2-8mm.jpg

Allen Key Spanner 5-6mm.jpg

Cable Cutters.jpg

Cassette Removel Tool.jpg

Chain Cutter Multi Sizing.jpg

Chain Whip.jpg

Cone Spanner 13mm.jpg

Cone Spanners 13-14mm 15-16mm.jpg

Freewheel Clutch Remover BMX.jpg

Multi Freewheel clutch remover Two Pin.jpg

Multi Tool Topeak Hexus 2.jpg

Pedal and Wheel Nut Spanner 14-15mm.jpg

Spoke Key Multi Sizing .jpg

Tool Bottle Lge.jpg

Tool Bottle Small.jpg

Torque Wrench 2-4Nm.jpg

Torque Wrench Kit 1-10Nm .jpg

Torque Wrench Kit 1-12Nm .jpg

Tyre Levers Metal.jpg

Tyre Levers Plastic Long.jpg

Tyre Levers Plastic wide short.jpg

Valve Core Multi Tool.jpg